A Successful Mass Mailing in Los Angeles Starts with a List

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Mass Mailing in Los Angeles

Mass mailing in Los Angeles is an ideal tool for you to get in front of your customers. It’s a cost-effective tool no matter the size of your business. But it has to be done correctly to reap its benefits. 

One of the great things about mass mailing is that it’s easy to create and get an instant response. But how should you do it properly? 

Have a Great List to Start Mass Mailing in Los Angeles 

Mass Mailing in Los Angeles

To compile a list of customers, you need to know your target audience. From there, you can compile a list filled with targeted potential customers. This will help you get a better list that will get you a better response rate. 

Mass mailing can help you save money as you pre-sort your flyers or brochures by zip code. My Printing Matters will combine your mailing, print your materials and pre-sort them before sending them out for you. 

Do You Need a Mailing Permit? 

In Los Angeles, before you mass mail your printed materials, you need to get a mailing permit first. The USPS charges a year for the permit. It’s still cost-effective if you’re only sending materials a few times a year. 

However, if you wish to avoid the mailing permit fee, you should consider our mass mailing service. But you must meet the minimum bulk requirements. You may inquire about it by calling us. 

Make Your Printed Materials Stand Out 

Although mass mailing is an effective way of reaching as many potential customers as you can, your printed materials will still be ignored if they lack creativity. When mass mailing brochures, for instance, you need to include an exciting headline. It’s a kind of headline that will make your audience want to open it and read it. 

Apart from the headline, your printed material must have the key benefits. These benefits will include the reasons your recipients choose you over others. 

Don’t forget to give them an incredible offer. It won’t hurt your business to offer them a discount. This will encourage them to try out your business and visit your office or call you to inquire. 

Furthermore, your bulk mail will still be ignored if it doesn’t look professional. if it looks like it has been made by a 5-year old, then your recipients will just throw it away the moment they receive it. 

For that reason, you need to have it designed and printed by a reputable printing company like My Printing Matters. For your copy, you can hire a freelance writer and a designer for the overall design of your material. Or you may simply use our templates to help you get started. 

When you use our mass making service, you will get significant savings while getting high-quality prints that your recipients will love. Choose us so you won’t be wasting your money producing materials that won’t be read. 

If you’re ready to use our mass mailing in Los Angeles, please contact us at (818) 260-9512.