Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold Menu Printing in Burbank: Which One to Choose?

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Menu Printing in Burbank

Yes, it’s an important decision because how you fold your menu will matter as it affects the function and aesthetics of it. When you choose our menu printing in Burbank, you’ll get to decide whether to order bi-fold or tri-fold. 

A fold in your menu will determine what beverages or dishes that your customer will first see. The folds decrease the size of the menu without having to reduce the space. 

Tri-Fold Menu Printing in Burbank 

Menu Printing in Burbank

It’s highly convenient and it’s also versatile. It folds up neatly into a compact size. Your customer can open it up, all the details of the food you serve will be visible. It’s easy to hand out to your customers or display it in your menu racks. 

This tri-fold display allows information to be provided in a step-by-step process. Your design will have a sense of timing and order. Your customers will see every section. It gives your customers a big reveal. 

It’s a common folding style so your customers won’t get confused when they open it. 

However, because of how it is folded, the creases may disrupt the images and graphics of your menu. That’s why it’s not the best option if you wish to put a lot of images in your print. But it still depends on where you position those images in your menu. 

Bi-Fold Menu Printing

It’s ideal for large images. If you wish to put big images to highlight your specialties, then bi-fold menu printing is the way to go. This one features one fold that lets you place larger or more images without disrupting them. The images can be included in one or both panels. 

Because of how it’s folded, it can help in gathering more attention. It’s simple but it can attract the attention of your customers. 

Deciding what fold style to choose is part of the design process. You can’t first design your menu without knowing how you fold it. Since the images will be affected, you need to design the menu in a way that the most profitable items in your list will get highlighted. 

No matter what images you choose, make sure that you use the right font for your menu. 

Most of all, opt for the right printing company. You can’t just print your menu at home as the result will be negatively affected. If you want to improve your menu design, make sure that you choose My Printing Matters for professionally designed menus. 

Choosing My Printing Matters will guarantee that you get high-quality print menus, whether they’re tri-fold or bi-fold. Our company has been around for decades and we always make sure that our customers are satisfied every time they order from us. 

Investing in high-quality menu printing in Burbank will boost your ROI. We can help you present your company or restaurant in the best way possible. Contact our printing company today for more information about how to print your menu. Please dial (818) 260-9512.