Catalogs Printing Burbank Offers Glossy and Matte Paper

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catalogs printing Burbank

My Printing Matters receives dozens of catalogs printing job from our Burbank customers. But some of them would inquire about the difference between glossy and matte paper.

The main difference is in the coating. The glossy surface reflects light rays giving you a shiny effect. The matte surface, on the other hand, reflects light in different directions. Thus, you will notice less glare.

However, both surfaces have the same clay-based coating. The only distinction is how it is applied and the amount of coating.

Uncoated paper is porous. The coating will fill the pores to reduce the ink absorbed in the paper. It makes the paper more durable and it feels smoother.

In a matte paper, it uses less coating. Compared to a glossy paper, it also undergoes less polishing.

If you are not sure which coating to pick, you may consider a gloss finish. That is if you wish to give your Catalog Print Burbank a shiny, exquisite look. Furthermore, a gloss coating will protect the print from stains and damage.

But do not dismiss a matte coating yet. A matte catalog printing is popular among our Burbank clients. If you wish to have a subdued appearance, you can opt for this coating.

However, whatever finish you wish to go for, it all depends on your brand’s aesthetic.

catalogs printing Burbank

What Other Prints Do We offer aside from Catalogs Printing?

At My Printing Matters, we do not just print catalogs but we also print various types of business cards. Our gloss cover stock is a popular choice.

The gloss coating can give your card some extra protection against damage. It also offers a gorgeous lustrous appearance.

Most businesses opt for a glossy stock for many photo business cards as portfolio images. It gives the card a very different polished and elegant look.

But you can also choose our matte business card. It is ideal if your business card is black or has a dark color. The finish will make it easier to look at.

Furthermore, if you are an attorney or an accountant, then the matte finish can give your card a restrained look, which is perfect for your profession.

We also print postcards on matte or glossy paper. A glossy postcard is perfect if you promote a restaurant business. The glossy paper will make the photos look compelling. However, if the postcards are for personal use, then you might choose a matte paper as it provides a cozier feel.

For orders, you may call our catalog printing Burbank department at (818) 260-9512.