Cheap Print Shop Glendale: Creating Impressive Business Cards

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cheap print shop in Glendale

Yes, it is true that you have a wonderful website. But you cannot just easily show it to your potential customers when you attend a farmer’s market or local festival. To help you introduce your business, make sure that you hand out an impressive business card made by our cheap print shop in Glendale

You may think that because we offer our printing services at an affordable rate, it does not mean that we cannot offer you amazing prints. Our existing clients could vouch for our reputation and our stellar prints. 

Cheap Print Shop in Glendale to Print Business Cards That Leave a Lasting Impression

cheap print shop in Glendale 

Business cards are not losing their charm. In fact, they remain a staple in every organization or business. A good looking card is the most effective way to show off your business and leave the impression you want with your potential clients. 

Here at My Printing Matters, we utilize the right paper stocks and printers. When it comes to paper stock, you may choose from 14 pt to 32 pt. The standard is 14pt. However, you can opt for 12 pt paper. It is 30% recycled. If you want heavier with an elegant soft touch, you may opt for 16 pt. For an ultra-thick business card, a 32 pt card is ideal. 

Regarding coating, you may choose between gloss and uncoated. For gloss, you can be sure that it makes your images pop. It is also difficult for anyone to write on it. Uncoated, on the other hand, is easy to write on. But it is somewhat expensive. If you wish for a luxurious feel, opt for a 16 pt soft touch. 

You may also turn your card into an artwork. There are several options to achieve it, like foil stamping, die cuts, etc. You may also round the edges of your business card. Rounded corners can avoid the cards to get bent up. 

A painted edge is also a great idea if you want to make your card pop. To communicate your card in a fun way, you may choose a die-cut card. 

When you design your business card, you must think outside the box to stand out. Keep in mind that you can choose to give your potential clients your business card that is also a loyalty card. 

You may print your contact information at the front. Then, at the back of the card, you may use it as a loyalty card. Doing so will ensure that your customers will keep your card in their wallet. And each time they use their wallet, they get to see your card and will try to use it. 

For instance, you can print something like getting a free t-shirt or a mug each time the customer buys 12 pieces of beer or food (whatever products you sell). The world of business cards will help you promote your products and services. 

To ensure that your business card will reflect what your brand is all about, have it printed at our cheap print shop in Glendale. Call us today for more information: (818) 260-9512.