Color Printing Burbank for Your Effective Marketing Campaign

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Color Printing in Burbank

The flyer is one of the traditional marketing tools you can still use today. A lot of big companies are still using it. In fact, they invest in color printing in Burbank to ensure that their flyers are the best.

Yes, even though we’re now living in the digital age, flyers and other traditional marketing media still work effectively. 

Flyer Advertising with Color Printing in Burbank 

Color Printing in Burbank

Although flyer advertising is an ideal way to promote your business, you still have to follow some of the best practices in flyer design. 

When you design your flyer, make sure that it has less copy. It means that you only include the most important things. In that way, your audience can easily remember the information in your flyer. 

Then, make sure that you stick to the basics. That is, you should answer the four Ws — who, what, when, and where. And when presenting a date, make sure that you spell it out. Also, you should include the fees or costs of whatever you are trying to promote. If you are giving away free stuff, make sure to emphasize the word, “FREE.” 

Easy to Digest Information 

You’re not writing a book here. Also, the area is limited. In that case, you should make sure that the text is not too small or clumped together. Rather, you break up the text and use bullet points. Make sure that the text is easy to read. Else, your reader will have a hard time understanding what you’re trying to promote. 

Don’t Forget the Call to Action 

Although some events don’t need to be explained further, you need to make sure that your audience knows what their next step will be. Should they visit your site, go to your physical store, or attend your event? 

Use Bright Colors

Your readers are surely drawn to eye-catching colors. That’s why you must use reds, and yellows, as well as greens and blues for your flyers. Don’t use blacks and browns as they are not attractive when used on flyers. 

Or use the colors that match your brand and logo. Doing so will help your promotion become uniform and consistent. They flow together perfectly. But don’t overdo it. 

You may also add some images that are entertaining but related to the event or products you are trying to promote. Think outside the box when you want to grab your reader’s attention by using a unique image. You may use sites that let you download free online images to be used on your flyers. 

But why you must still use flyer advertising? 


Other forms of advertising can be costly. But flyer advertising is less expensive. Indeed, online digital marketing is cheaper. But the ROI is low. If you wish to boost your ROI, you need to widen your budget. 

Flyer also provides better lead generation. It takes a shorter amount of time to distribute flyers. If you do it right, this form of advertising can help you generate leads quickly. 

Now, if you wish to get started with flyer advertising, consider using our color printing in Burbank. Call us today to place your order: (818) 260-9512.