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There are many ways to gain repeat customers. One of them is to provide them with rewards cards. These cards will give your patrons some incentives and encourage brand loyalty. If you are planning to start a reward card program for your business, contact our color printing Burbank company. 

Color Printing Burbank to Print Profitable Marketing Campaign

color printing Burbank 

Brand loyalty is one of the things that will make your business thrive in the industry. However, it is not easy to encourage your clients to be loyal to your brand. You need to give them something so they keep coming back to your shop. 

Each time your clients make an expensive purchase, for instance, you should give them some forms of incentives, like a reusable mug with your logo printed. You may also give out branded merchandise, such as embroidered hats or printed t-shirts. These items can easily create a buzz around your niche. They will tell their family and friends about your brand and offers. 

Business Cards

Apart from those incentives, you should also hand out your business cards to customers who did not make a purchase. 

But do not just give them a business card. Make sure that it stands out from the rest. Keep in mind that they might have received business cards from your competitors. If you wish for them to keep your card in their wallet, make sure that they are designed beautifully. 

Business cards will also help get the word out about your business when you participate in a farmer’s market or local festivals. When you print business cards, though, make sure that you are not printing cheap cards. 

Remember that you need to make a lasting impression on your clients. Your business card is like a solid website. You must ensure that it stands out from the competition. It must separate you from your competitors. Otherwise, your card will just be another business card being ignored. 

However, it does not mean that you should go for expensive printing shops to have your business cards designed. You can go to My Printing Matters, which offers a wide variety of affordable printing services. We utilize eco-friendly paper and inks so you can be confident that what you are printing will not hurt the planet. 


Another effective way to gain repeat customers is to give them postcards. But they are not an ordinary postcard but it has some VIP offers. You can print your seasonal products with a coupon code. 

You may also consider greeting card printing. This option will give the card a personalized touch. It can help in fostering loyalty with your customers for the long term. 

If you have an eCommerce business, you can include package inserts. Place these inserts before shipping the products. They, too, are a powerful way to introduce your customers to your products they might be interested in. But do not forget to include the exclusive discount to help you sweeten the deal. 

There are so many print marketing materials that you can give to your customers to earn their loyalty. To have them printed, please contact our color printing Burbank company at (818) 260-9512.