Getting to Know the Best Full Service Print Shop in Glendale

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best full service print shop in Glendale

Whether you are trying to prepare for the wedding of your dreams or are in charge of the grand opening of your very own shop, it is crucial to have printed materials that will make a good impression on the people that you give them to. A shoddy wedding invitation might cause people to think your wedding will be less than amazing and might cause them to start rumors or decline for other engagements. Not to mention, if you are handing out business cards that seem unprofessional, no one will trust your services and might think of you as not very serious or invested. Which is why at Printing Matters we know that the quality of any printed material fully relies on the quality of the printing company that you choose. Therefore we work with our customers to produce the best possible results so they can be proud of the printed materials that represent them. Read on to learn more about Printing Matters and how we gained the reputation of the best full service print shop in Glendale.

We Have Got You Covered

At Printing Matters we have a great selection of printed materials that are bound to wow the people you hand them to. From brochures, banners, bookmarks, postcards, door hangers, cards, table tents and more, Printing Matters has got you covered! Trust us to provide you with an incredible selection of high-quality printed materials.


At Printing Matters we believe that we are directly responsible for the professionalism of your printed materials. We have graphic designers in house who can advise you as well as a notary, scanning services, mailing services, and full service printing. We have got our customers covered from every angle to ensure they are receiving the best service that they possibly can.

When you have your next big project that requires amazing printed materials, do not hesitate to come to visit our full service print shop in Glendale for high quality printed materials you can trust. Contact us on our website at for a free quote on the vision that you have for your printed materials. Or you can call us 818-260-9512 if you have any questions that we can help you with! Do not be afraid to swing by our storefront in Burbank to learn in depth about our variety of services that we have to offer our valued customers.