How Much Does a Color Flyer Printing Glendale Service Cost?

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Many business owners stay away from the use of color flyer printing Glendale services. For them, this marketing method is expensive. But in reality, it does not cost a lot.

In fact, it is a cheaper way to generate noise about your promotion or upcoming event. It is also a great way for you to announce or disseminate information about your store opening.

As you hand out the flyer, you can be sure that your potential clients will see your advertisement. Furthermore, you can target its distribution to people in your immediate vicinity.

But, if you wish to boost its effects, you must consider complementing your flyers with the use of direct marketing campaigns, such as mailed postcards.

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How to Ensure that Your Flyers are Noticed?

Make sure that the business flyer can draw attention. To achieve that, you need to make sure that it is designed well. In that way, the message that you wish to get across will be fulfilled.

How Much Does a Color Flyer Printing Glendale Service Cost1

Use Attention-Grabbing Color

Choose the right color to communicate your message properly. Keep in mind that color can affect behavior.

Popular brands are using different colors to represent their brands. Consider Coca Cola. It utilizes red to encourage urgency or excitement, as well as energy.

Thus, it only makes sense that you also use the right color to instill your brand message. If you are not sure what color you can use for your flyer, you may ask our experts at My Printing Matters.

In general, red can evoke excitement, orange represents fun or affordability while yellow represents warmth and positivity.

Opt for green if you represent health and freshness. Blue is for confidence while pink is for innocence or femininity.

Purple is great for presenting creativity and luxury while black is purely drama and luxury. The white color is for pure and clean brand message.

Whatever color you pick, ensure that it compliments your overall message.


Pick the Right Fonts

Selecting the right font is a vital part of your color flyer design. You need a font that can be read easily from a distance. Opt for sans-serif fonts as they do not have decorative strokes.

When designing a color flyer, you must answer the question of why the person would be interested in your brand.

Is it about a special opening that you make or a grand opening next month? Would you like to promote a special sale?

It does not matter what reason you have for giving out color flyers. What matters most is that the reason has to be on the flyer and must be spelled out properly.


Less is More

When opting for color flyer marketing, you must get to your point by using a few words as possible. You are not writing a novel here. Do not overwhelm your reader. You must get your point across in a few, simple words.

To ensure that your color flyer is printed professionally, opt for the color flyer printing service in Burbank of My Printing Matters. For information, please call (818) 260-9512.