How to Approach Door Hangers with Color Printing Service in Glendale

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color printing service in Glendale

Door hanger is your best option if you wish to use direct marketing. This form of marketing gets seen easily. Even if it has a simple design, your recipients will still read it. Before you approach this marketing medium, however, make sure that the door hanger is printed by a reputable color printing service in Glendale. 

Color Printing Service in Glendale by My Printing Matters 

color printing service in Glendale

My Printing Matters utilizes full-color printing. The company has adequate experience with the techniques used to provide you with exceptional results. 

Launching Door Hanger Campaign

Door hangers are simple as they don’t require folding, binding, and postage. You can easily start this campaign the minute you receive the items. 

Know Your Goal 

But before you begin, though, it’s vital that you have a goal in mind. The goal must be specific and not just making money. Your goal has to be measurable. 

For instance, your goal could be like generating a response rate of 10%. Once you have measurable goals, you can evaluate your marketing campaign and find out what your strengths and weaknesses are before moving on to your next campaign. 

Give Special Offers 

To increase the response rate, you should create a special offer that your recipients can’t resist. It has to be a time-limited offer so your recipients are compelled to visit your shop and make a transaction. 

The best thing about creating a special offer is that you are providing value to your customers. Because it’s time-limited, your customers are more motivated to respond to your offer quickly. 

Provide Compelling Copy 

Your customers will be drawn to the text of your door hanger. Thus, make sure that you include photos of your products and services to improve the response rate. 

It must have a bold headline that includes your special offer. And of course, you must highlight the time-limited statement. 

Create an Attractive Design 

Your door hanger has to attract attention. Indeed, door hangers are placed on your customers’ doorknobs. However, they must have a dazzling design so that they will notice your brand and special offer. 

Reasons for Using Door Hangers 

One of the many benefits of door hangers is simplicity. As mentioned earlier, they don’t require binding, folding, postage, and envelopes. 

Furthermore, they get easily seen. However, you must use compelling copy and design so your recipients are compelled to read it and respond to your offer. 

Since the door hanger is suspended from the front gate or door, your customer will need to remove it by hand. Thus, it is not easy to be overlooked. 

Because they are simple, they will not take a lot of your marketing budget. They are inexpensive to print and economical to disseminate. Moreover, they are customizable. You can choose any layout or color scheme that you want. 

Plus, you have control over when you will distribute them to your potential customers. But no matter how you approach this type of marketing, make sure that you track it and tweak it if necessary. 

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