How to Maximize Direct Mail from Cheap Printing Services in Glendale?

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Direct mail is one of the cheap printing services Glendale being offered by Printing Matters. You may be wondering whether or not this kind of service is still beneficial. Surprisingly, it still is as it gives you higher chances of standing out.

Need a Better Way to Communicate with Your Clients?

Many companies in Glendale stopped engaging with their potential customers or existing clients using their mailbox. If you need a better way to reach out to your clients or customers, make sure to consider our direct mail services.

Most of our clients integrate our cheap printing services with direct mail as they know this method will give them better results. But to maximize this service, you must plan your campaign carefully.



Understand Your Target List

To boost the results of your direct mailing service, it is vital that you understand your target audience. It includes details about gender, family, birthday and so on.

The more details you know, the better you can target them with the best offer.

If you wish to know more details about your customers, you need to profile your list to obtain more information to target your prospects.

How to Maximize Direct Mail from Cheap Printing Services Glendale1

Create Eye-Catching Design

Grab the attention of your prospects with your design to avoid having your mail piece ending up in the trash. To optimize performance, consider the color, size, images, and layout.

You may also consider large-size mail piece as it offers a higher response rate. It’s true that it costs more in postage when considering this kind of mail piece. But it is worth every penny.

Consult with our technicians to know every possibility of printing large-size mail piece and how you can order in bulk and save money.


Choose the Right Words

The word choice of your message is integral.

Thus, be concise. Make sure to avoid using acronyms or abbreviations.

Use simple language and tell your audience exactly what you want them to do.

Add bullets and bold fonts to help your words stand out. Your words should include the benefits of your products to your customers and prospects. Emphasize those benefits to sell your brand.

If you order a postcard with direct mail service, make sure to limit your wording.

Allow the images to speak for yourself. It will be easy for your audience to absorb your message if you have less copy. Never overwhelm your audience with copy and design.


Be Clear in Your Message

When you are offering something to your audience, make sure that it is clear so your audience will respond.

Your message will inform them of what to do while your offer will encourage them to do it. If possible, use the word “free” to obtain the most response.

Or add the percentage-off phrase to boost a high response rate.


Consult with Our Team

Besides providing cheap printing services in Glendale, our team can also give you advice on the best ways to boost the response rate.

Talk to our team today to know what offer you can provide to your audience to make it more appealing. Call us at 818-260-9512.