Ideas About Menu Printing in Burbank That Will Surely Wow the Senses

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Menu printing in Burbank is not an easy task. You need to present your food options in a way that will surely whet your customer’s appetite. At My Printing Matters, we can create your menu that makes your food more irresistible.

We utilize advanced printers that can produce real-life photos or make food more mouth-watering. Plus, we can help you create detailed descriptions with an awesome layout.

If you are looking for ideas on how to design your restaurant menu, here are some things to keep in mind.


Increase Sales with Photos

Do you want your brand to be more memorable through your menus?

Tell a story of your food item with images. For instance, you can include a grayscale photo of the founders that showcase the company’s history.

Do not clutter the menu, though. Limit photos of entrees to two images per page. They are enough to rouse customers’ interest.


Provide a Special Sheet for Specials

Do you have fresh items offered weekly or daily?

You can boost their sales by giving these specials a different sheet. Including them on your main menu will require reprinting that can be costly.

It is one of the reasons many restaurant owners are unwilling to update their specials regularly because of the cost related to reprinting.

To give you flexibility though, we recommend using a small insert. It does not only minimize the cost but it also gives your specials a special type of sheet that prompts customers to keep coming back for more.

Ideas About Menu Printing in Burbank That Will Surely Wow the Senses1

Separate Best-Selling Items

Drinks and desserts can boost your bottom line. However, they will sell better if you place them on table tents or separate sheets that can surely grab your customers’ attention.

But when you do present it, our menu printing Burbank specialists recommend limiting the list to 7 items. Keep in mind that putting tons of items in that special sheet will only overwhelm your customers. Always make it easier for them to pick one by not offering them tons of options.


Choose a Professional Menu Printing Service

Your restaurant’s menu is your initial selling tool. Thus, it makes sense to give your customers a top-notch menu.

In that way, it tells your customers that you are passionate about what you provide and their experience.

When you choose a professional menu printing in Burbank, you can be sure that your menu will be printed with vibrant colors. The resulting product will be far superior.


Opt for a Simpler Paper

Do not choose colored paper. The reason for this is that the fonts and colors will look discolored and muddy.

Instead, opt for a white cardstock. It prints well and it gives your images crisp and sharp appearance. A glossy paper will also make your fonts stay cleaner.

Order your professionally printed menus today to save you time and money. You do not have to purchase paper or ink cartridges.
My Printing Matters offers affordable menu printing services in Burbank. And as you follow those tips above, you will receive high-quality menus that can pay off. Call our experts today at (818) 260-9512.