Ingenious Ways to Distribute your Business Cards

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Business cards are very important. Most of the time, these will give your customers their first impression of you and your business. To give your business a boost, why not try our business card and flyer printing services in Burbank. With this service, we can help design and print your cards while ensuring the highest quality. After you’ve printed your business cards with our color printing service, do you know how to distribute them?

Designing and printing high-quality cards with My Printing Matters is just the first step. You also need to know how to give them to your customers strategically. There are separate ways you can do this after acquiring your cards from us. Disperse your cards in the right way and, they can help promote your business in an effective way.

1. When sending a piece of correspondence, include a business card with it

No matter what kind of correspondence you’re sending, include your card with it. You may also get our affordable printing services to have these correspondence documents printed. You may have stationary printing, letterhead printing, printing brochures and more; including the business card that will get you noticed by the recipient.

2. Leave your business card when you’re paying bills

No matter what kind of establishment you’re paying to, leave your business card with your payment. This is especially true if you’re also leaving a tip. Our full-service print shop is here for you. Contact us, and we’ll design and print your business cards for you. You can even have our business cards printing services to create different cards for different occasions, so you can introduce your business to potential customers.

Business Cards

3. Don’t just give a single business card per person

Almost all news travels fast so it’s safe to assume that news about new businesses would travel fast too. You should start giving your business cards generously. You never know, some of your customers might know a lot of people and will be able to give you a lot of referrals. Make sure you give more than one of the business cards you had designed and printed from our print center.

4. Share your business cards in networking conferences and events

After you get your business cards printed, you should bring them to different networking events such as conferences, trade shows, and more. When you’re in business, it’s important to attend these types of events. Even the cheapest print shop in Burbank will give you high-quality business cards. Bring these along with you wherever you go so that you can get new business opportunities.

5. Also, give them to non-competing businesses and suppliers

Aside from business card printing and color poster printing, you can expand your business by building relationships with other businesses. Share with them the business cards you got printed from the printing Burbank service and they’ll be happy to share their business cards with you too.