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The last thing you want for any marketing material you create for your business is for it to be thought of as dull and boring. Most people will take just a quick glance at a flyer, postcard, or brochure to see if they have any initial interest, and if what is there does not grab their attention, they may just toss the material way, and you will have lost a potential customer. It is up to you to create marketing materials that grab attention and gets noticed, and with the help of the quality full color printing, you can get just what you need.

You need to print materials in color if you want to bring them to life and get the notice you desire. You may only get that one chance of a few brief seconds to get the attention of someone, so making the most of it and using color in photos, designs, artwork, and logos can help hold the reader’s attention so that you can get the time to get your message across. People will be more engaged with your material and feel that you took the time and effort to create something that looks great.

Quality Full Color Printing

Printed material is just as important to you as a business owner as it was ten or twenty years ago. Many businesses have cut back on printing marketing and advertising material for customers and have turned to using electronic technology and communications almost exclusively to save money. The truth is that providing something tangible and in the hands of your customers is many times more effective marketing than sending an email that quickly gets deleted or placed in a spam folder. It is a good idea for you to know of a full-service printing so you can get the quality printing of all your materials done in one location.

Draw In More Customers with Flyers Printing

Businesses used to dread ordering print runs of marketing materials. In the past, this would mean creating a marketing campaign, organizing your team so that you had all of the details to hand before you went to the printer, and then negotiating with the printing team before the final batch was issued. You may have to go through sampling and approvals, and the arrangement of the print would have to be set up prior to your agreement. The process of quality Flyers printing could be drawn out and time-consuming, as well as expensive.

That was the past however, and the future is here when it comes to printing out new work. We can provide you with printing materials that you need for your marketing campaign. We are part of the digital printing revolution, and this allows us to handle a variety of small jobs that can be printed out without charging extra. This means that even if you only need a couple of boxes of flyers, you can get what you need without having to blow your entire marketing budget.

Quality Full Color Printing

Printing smaller runs, this means that you get less waste for your marketing materials. You have to work out exactly what you need for your campaign, and we will print it out for you. You don’t get thousands of extra bits of paper which will be sent straight to recycling, and we get a faster, less labor-intensive printing process that allows us to do more work in less time. Because we are printing more rapidly, you have to put less of your budget into covering man-hours and labor costs, and there is also no delay in creating samples and agreeing to templates, so you can get your print run as soon as you want.

The Convenience of Short Run Printing

Quality Full Color Printing

Printing services are a necessity for any company today, but when you own and operate a small company it may seem like getting quality help from a print shop is out of your budget range. Very often, getting printed material can mean taking hundreds or thousands of pieces just to get the price point that works best for you, leaving you with more material than you know what to do with. These methods are not very cost-effective for you, but you may feel like you do not have much of a choice. Today, it is worth it to you to explore short run printing so you can see the advantages it can have for you.

Quality Full Color Printing

Every time you have looked at a printing service to help you with something like business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, or other materials, the companies insist you print quantities like 500 or 1,000 pieces or more so that you can get to a price level that barely meets what you can afford. The problem with these methods is that you very often end up with a great deal of material left over that you have no use for, leaving it taking up space on a storeroom floor or, even worse, in the recycling bin because they are past their prime. Using short-run services allows you to get much lower minimums printed so that you do not end up with any leftover items.

Short run printing allows you to get only the material you need for any given print run. You can finally get the smaller quantities of printed material that you may want for a special promotion or sale that your business is running. While bulk printing can offer you price savings, short-run printing lets you get only what you need without having to pay the exorbitant prices that were often associated with smaller runs in the past.

Quality Full Color Printing

One of the great advantages of using our short run printing is that you will be able to get a faster turnaround time for the items that you need. Time is just as important to you in Marketing as the money that you invest and for particular promotions or events you may not want to have to wait weeks to have a bulk order created. Short run orders allow you to get materials done in a faster manner so that you are able to create sales and promotions quickly.

Grow Your Business with Low-Cost Printing

Many small businesses today tend to shy away from printing services without ever considering them closely because they assume the services are too expensive for them. While that may have been true in the past, the changes that have taken place in technology and tools used in printing services today have made printing more affordable than ever before. Because of the digital printing methods used today, you can get high-quality materials from us that feature all the colors and details you need for reasonable costs and with faster turnaround times.

Quality Full Color Printing

Sticker Printing

Of all the materials you could use to help promote your business today, you might be surprised to learn about the effectiveness and popularity of stickers. Stickers continue to rise in popularity, and they can be the perfect way for you to connect with your customer base and promote your business. Having stickers that you can easily pass out to people at a community event or trade show, to give away in your shop or to use as a fundraiser for your group or to sell in your store give you fantastic ways to get your name or products out to the public.

Quality Full Color Printing

If you are the owner of your own business, you may find that it is a challenge to come up with effective marketing campaigns all of the time that help bring new customers in your direction. Sure, there are many marketing opportunities out there, but finding one that works well and is affordable to you can seem almost impossible at times. You can try to do marketing on your own, printing materials in your office or home printer, but unless you have the skills, insight, and tools at your disposal, the materials may never end up looking as good as you want, leaving you having wasted time, money and effort. You can get the effective marketing you are looking for when you turn to us at My Printing Matters to supply you with color flyer printing in Glendale.

Flyers may represent the most inexpensive option available to you in printed marketing material. Options like postcards are going to involve mailing costs and postage as well, and this could drain a good portion of your marketing budget for the whole year with a hit or miss project. Brochures and booklets can also cost you more and are not always as effective because people may not want to look through page after page of material of your products or services. Flyers give you the chance to hit all of the important information in a single page, which is ideal for a one-off promotion or to get the word out about a business without spending much money.

Quality Full Color Printing

Stickers have become more and more popular in recent years mainly because of what is capable in the printing process today. With all of the advances in the digital world and with technology, you are able to get stickers made in all kinds of designs and colors so the sticker can be just what you want it to be. You can create stickers that are designed as bumper stickers, stickers on a roll that you can use to pass out to customers, stickers that are metallic and really stand out and much more. You can have them include whatever design or information you want on them so that people will see them and immediately think of your business.

You might think you could save even more money simply by trying to print stickers on your own with your printer at home or the one you may have in your office. The problem is that most people simply do not have the printer that may be necessary to do this type of work nor do they have easy access to all of the materials needed to print stickers properly or print stickers that will work and last. The last thing you want to do is provide inferior marketing to potential customers because they will immediately associate the failure of the sticker with the name of your business and quickly discard it and the potential of doing business with you along with it.

Quality Full Color Printing

Card Printing

An essential component of any business is the business card. Even in the electronic and technology-driven world that we live in today, your business card is a vital tool for you. You want a card that is of good stock and nicely printed so that the information is correct and easy to read for others. You will find that people still make use of business cards when they are networking with others in the business world and that customers regularly take business cards so that they know how they can contact you.

What to Consider When Ordering Brochure Printing

Brochures can still be an excellent way to promote your business and give potential customers something tangible to look over that speaks about the different products and services you offer. The brochure can give a potential customer everything they need to know about what your business offers and how to contact you.

Quality Full Color Printing
Before you even consider going to a professional print service to assist you with your brochures, you are going to want to take some time to decide on the particular content for your brochure. If you are using this as a one-time promotional item, it will be significantly different than something that you plan to use as an informational handout to potential customers. If you are planning on it being a sales piece for you, you want to think about the specific items you are going to highlight that showed the best of the products and services your business provides. You also want to be sure, no matter what type of brochure you create, that it has the crucial business information so that people can get to your location, know your business hours and know points of contact such as your telephone number, email address and website.

Effective Business Marketing with Roller Banners

Quality Full Color Printing

Roller banners are very popular, especially for businesses. They are effective tools which you can use to capture the interest of your target audience and get your message across. You can use roller banners for different purposes and you can avail our custom printing services to have your roller banners printed. You may be wanting to launch a major campaign for advertising or you may want to market your business while working with a set budget. No matter what your reasons are, printing roller banners is very easy with our low-cost printing. Roller banners are very cost-effective, they’re durable, light, and you can erect or retract them easily. The full-color roller banner printing even comes with a carry bag for your convenience.  Have your roller banner printed here at full-service printing Glendale so you can have it ready wherever and whenever you need it.

A roller banner from our full-color print company can serve as a silent salesperson. You can display the high-quality marketing tool in your business’ premises. You can also display it at events along with posters, flyers and brochures.

  • Keep in mind that when people read, they start from the top to the bottom and from the left to right. So, our printing service will make sure to place your company’s name and logo at eye level. Although nearby printing services in Glendale will typically put these elements at the bottom, this isn’t ideal for roller banners. We know that this is valuable information and it mustn’t go unnoticed.
  •        Just include a single main message. Too much text on the roller banner will make people lose interest in it.
  •        When you print your roller banner with us, we use only high-resolution, sharp images. This will make the roller banner much easier to view and read.
  •        We use contrasting colors to make your marketing tool stand out and grab the attention of your potential clients and customers.

Tips to Create a Successful Brochure

Quality Full Color Printing

Before you even spend your money on brochure printing, make sure that you understand your customers. Why would they purchase your product? What can your product do to your customers? What is the main pain point that your product can solve? Now, if you don’t know those answers, you should talk to your customers. From there, you can decide what benefits you can include in your brochure to encourage more customers to purchase your products.

Plan it
A well-planned brochure will surely get the attention of your customers. It will encourage them to read it and increase their desire to buy your product or sign up for your service. Make sure that your brochure has a specific action, like “buy now,” “sign up now,” or “call us up for an appointment.”

Focus on the benefits
You should understand that your customers are not interested in your company or the products you are selling. Rather, they are interested in the benefits they can get when they make a purchase from you.

Use proper headlines
It takes less than five seconds to get the attention of your reader. Within that time, they can decide whether or not to throw your brochure to the trash can. Thus, make sure that your headlines and graphics are interesting so your recipients are compelled to open it.
Apart from using proper, interesting headlines, make sure that you use bullet points to highlight the key features of your products and services. Bullet points or numbers can help your recipients keep focused on what you are offering.

Tell them what to do
After reading your copy, your brochure has to tell your reader on what to do. Never assume that they are going to look for your number or visit your website. Instead, tell them what action they must take to avail of what you offer.Then, give them one reason that they must act now. For instance, you may offer them a discount that is only valid for a specific date. Or you need to remind your readers that the quantities of what you offer are very limited. Brochures can be a very effective tool in marketing your products and services.

Quality Full Color Printing

Guide to Printing a Poster

Most of us are used to digital designs that we almost forgot how to print or make a poster. If you are thinking of poster printing for a campaign, gig or party, here are some tips to help you print the right poster.

Which one should you choose: CMYK or RGB?
If you want to design your poster and take it to a poster printing shop, you should work in a CMYK color space and not RGB. The great thing is that you can switch quickly to this mode in Photoshop. All you have to do is go to Image menu, change mode into CMYK. The CMYK mode will give you an actual representation of the colors will print. Now, if you are working in RGB mode and converted it to CMYK before sending it for poster printing, you will notice that the image is lifeless and dull. The reason for this is that the RGB mode has an array of colors compared to the CMYK. All colors in Photoshop won’t be present in the printed image.

Quality Full Color Printing

Choose the right resolution
Poster printing shops may experience delays in releasing the posters to their clients. One of the most common reasons for it is that the image is too small. Files that are required to be printed should have a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch). The more dots the image has, the higher the resolution it is. And the more dots, the higher the quality the image will have when it is reproduced. Now, if you choose a low resolution, you will end up having a pixelated poster, and you don’t want that to happen. Apart from the resolution, it is also vital that you choose the right size for your poster printing. The most popular sizes are A2, A3, and A4. Silk or Gloss Art are also good choices.

How should you send your files to the poster printing shop?

You should send your files in PDF format with a print resolution of 300dpi or tiffs. Some customers usually ask if they could send jpegs. They can, but the image must be in high resolution. You may also send photos from your smartphone for poster printing. However, some edges of the picture will be eliminated. Then, the color will shift.