Making Your Brochures Effective

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At Printing Matters, we get to receive questions about how to make brochures effective so their customers would respond. As a number one choice for brochure printing in Glendale, we usually give some tips to our clients on how to create a brochure that can really increase their sales when they announce a new product or a service.

Tips to a Successful Brochure

Know your customers

Before you even spend your money on brochure printing, make sure that you understand your customers. Why would they purchase your product? What can your product do to your customers? What is the main pain point that your product can solve?

Now, if you don’t know those answers, you should talk to your customers. From there, you can decide what benefits you can include in your brochure to encourage more customers to purchase your products.

Plan it

A well-planned brochure will surely get the attention of your customers. It will encourage them to read it and increase their desire to buy your product or sign up for your service. Make sure that your brochure has a specific action, like “buy now,” “sign up now,” or “call us up for an appointment.”

Focus on the benefits

You should understand that your customers are not interested in your company or the products you are selling. Rather, they are interested in the benefits they can get when they make a purchase from you.

Use proper headlines

It takes less than five seconds to get the attention of your reader. Within that time, they can decide whether or not to throw your brochure to the trash can. Thus, make sure that your headlines and graphics are interesting so your recipients are compelled to open it.

Making Your Brochures Effective

Apart from using proper, interesting headlines, make sure that you use bullet points to highlight the key features of your products and services. Bullet points or numbers can help your recipients keep focused on what you are offering.

Tell them what to do

After reading your copy, your brochure has to tell your reader on what to do. Never assume that they are going to look for your number or visit your website. Instead, tell them what action they must take to avail of what you offer.

Then, give them one reason that they must act now. For instance, you may offer them a discount that is only valid for a specific date. Or you need to remind your readers that the quantities of what you offer are very limited.

Brochures can be a very effective tool in marketing your products and services. At Printing matters, our brochure printing services will make sure that your posters or brochures stand out from the rest.

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