Mass Mailing in Los Angeles to Spread Your Message Across LA

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mass mailing in Los Angeles

Indeed, going paperless will help you save your marketing dollars. But it will still depend on what industry you are in. There is no denying that print marketing materials, like flyers and brochures, remain effective, despite the onslaught of social media sites. That’s why many marketers are still recommending the use of mass mailing in Los Angeles. 

If you wish to use it, though, you need to do it right. Otherwise, you are just wasting your marketing dollars. 

What should you consider when opting for this service? 

Define Who Your Audience Is When Using Mass Mailing in Los Angeles

mass mailing in Los Angeles

If you are promoting your postpartum waist trainer, for instance, you won’t be wasting your marketing dollar in sending your marketing materials to men or women above 60. 

That’s why it is vital that you have the right mailing list. In that way, you can easily blanket an area with your offer to avoid wasting your money.  

Stop Wasting Your Time on Design 

Most businesses would choose to spend a lot of their time to create the flashiest design for their print materials. Although the design is necessary, it is not the most vital aspect of mass mailing

Rather, you need to consider your message first. Your copy is vital to attract the attention of your readers. Indeed, the design of your marketing material can help in catching your reader’s attention. But they will still ignore your message if it is not catchy. 

That’s why you must prioritize your headline and your message. You should include a compelling offer. It must be urgent so that your recipients will take your order in a heartbeat because they are afraid they will miss it. 

Having a compelling call to action is one of the keys to attract your readers’ attention. You may think that the CTA will always be about promoting sales or percentage discounts. But it doesn’t have to be. It could also be a survey that could incentivize people. 

But no matter what your CTA is, you print material should have a call to action. Mass mailing can be expensive if you only send out your, say, flyer that informs people about your business. 

Once they know who you are and what you are offering, what should they do next? Do they go to your physical shop to claim the offer or just throw your material away? You need to “instruct” them on what to do after reading your print material. 


You can’t be sure if mass mailing is effective for your business. That’s why you need to track its results. And one of the ways to track it is through your CTA. 

For instance, if you include a coupon code in your flyer, you can track the code and find out how many of your recipients paid attention to your print materials. 

Where to Find Mass Mailing? 

Here at My Printing Matters, we offer discounted and affordable mass mailing in Los Angeles. It is your best option to help you reach out to a wider audience without having to spend a lot. For more information about this service, please contact us at (818) 260-9512.