Print Flyers in Glendale to Spread Your Message

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print flyers in Glendale

Print flyers in Glendale are popular because they are tried and tested marketing tools to spread your message. When you use our printing services at My Printing Matters, you can get high-quality flyer printing that you are not afraid to distribute to your potential customers.

We offer a wide range of flyer pricing options. You can select the right paper for your campaign. If you wish to opt for an environmental-friendly paper, you may choose uncoated, recycled paper. Or if you want classy design, our stock silk paper is the better option. 

How to Distribute Print Flyers in Glendale

print flyers in Glendale

Flyers are proven to be effective in spreading your message across. However, the success of this marketing campaign will depend on how you distribute the flyers. 

Keep in mind that if the targeted audience will not get them, your efforts will be just a waste. That’s why it is vital that you know who your potential customers are. In that way, it will be easy for you to distribute your flyers in the best possible way. 

You may use door dropping. It could work if you wish to reach a large number of people. You can employ a team to disseminate your flyers. Or you can work with postal service to drop them to your selected location. 

The use of door drop is an effective way for you to introduce a new product or service in a town or a certain area. You can collaborate with other companies that allow you to add your campaign into their menu or another marketing material. 


You may also work with magazines and newspapers to insert your flyers. You can target your customers more precisely in this method. But you need to pay the publications to distribute your flyers. That’s why, if you have the budget, you can opt for this solution. 

Handing Out Directly to Your Customers 

If you know where your target market will be, then you can go there and distribute your flyers yourself. But you must know the right location and timing. You may hand out your flyers in a location near offices and other businesses. 

Choose a time and location where your target customers will be when they socialize. Or you can send them on their way out for the night. 

You and your marketing team must choose carefully how you hand out your flyers. If you choose some people to hand out your flyers directly to your customers, you need to make sure that they look trustworthy and professional. In that way, when your customers have questions about your message, they can answer them correctly. 

Some non-competing businesses may let you display your flyers. You just have to pay them or give rewards to encourage the outlet in distributing your flyers. 

Professional Flyers 

No matter how you distribute the flyers, make sure that they look professional. When your customers receive them, they need to be impressed. Otherwise, they just throw them out. 

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