Printing Company in Glendale: What are the Benefits of Postcards

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Yes, the humble postcards can still be used as effective promotional materials. Our printing company in Glendale receives a great number of requests for postcard printing. That’s because this type of printed material remains a staple in any type of business. 

Printing Company in Glendale Talks About the Importance of Postcards

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The value of postcard printing goes beyond promoting your brand. When you send a postcard, you are telling your recipients that you value them as your customers. 

Keep in mind that when you design a postcard, you are not only typing a message and clicking the send button. Rather, you will spend enough time to design, construct your message and print it. 

Your recipients will know how much you value them because of the additional steps you went through to print the postcards. For that, they will always remember you, especially if you send them postcards on special occasions. 

Standing Out from the Crowd 

You can send your target market with regular emails. But does your audience open your email and read it? Most likely, they will just click the delete button. Why? One of the reasons is that they are receiving tons of emails every day. 


If you wish to stand out, though, you need to give your audience something that will help them remember you always. And this is where postcards can be useful. 


As long as you choose to print a beautiful postcard, your audience will be captivated. Then, include some special offers on the card to further stand out. 

And if your postcards are beautifully printed, your recipients will never throw them. Instead, they will display them in a conspicuous place, like the fridge or table. Because your card is beautiful, they will want to look at it every day. 

Designing Postcards 

This is the tough step in creating and printing postcards. But you need to stick to a theme to help you stand out. To craft your card beautifully, you must include a consistent color and design theme. 

Then, ensure that the design is simple enough. Opt for a minimalistic design. Avoid overcrowding your postcards with non-essential images. And never use chunks of text that are difficult to digest. 

Of course, you must include images. But you must only use high-resolution photos. Do not include those grainy images as they can only lower the quality of your postcards. 

Before you submit the design for printing, though, you need to proofread the card many times. Sending out thousands of postcards with a typo can be devastating for your marketing effort. You have to read the text again and again. Use an online grammar tool to help you out. 

Where to Submit the Design? 

If you want high-quality postcards, you must only use a professional printing company in Glendale. Here at My Printing Matters, we make sure that our clients will get high-quality printed materials at affordable rates. We provide professional finishes and premium paper options. To know more about the options you can have, make sure to contact us at (818) 260-9512.