Save Money on Short Run Printing in Glendale for Your Posters

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Posters are important tools in promoting your products. But they can also be used to educate your customers. They are designed to attract the attention of your potential buyers as they can quickly relay information. Poster printing can sometimes be expensive. But you can save money when you choose short run printing in Glendale

How Short Run Printing in Glendale Can Help?

short run printing in Glendale

Before the birth of short run printing, individuals who wanted to print materials had to order large runs each time they went to a print shop. It wasn’t economical for them and for the printing company to print small amounts. 

With the birth of digital printing, it allows printing companies to print all sizes. Companies now have the flexibility to choose the amount they want to print. 

Lowers Production Time 

Short run prints are easy to set up. This process lowers production time while ensuring that you have your printed products finished quickly. 

However, when it comes to poster printing, you need to pick a size that can be printed on a standard printer. Going too large will mean that you have to pay a higher price. 

In that case, make sure that your design fits on a standard printer. Your best bet is 20” x 27”. It’ll be more economical if you choose to print a design in a larger size in a wider format. 

Paper Stock 

You can also save money when you choose a house paper stock. It’s easier and cheaper this way as you don’t have to order the paper you wish to use. For instance, you may choose an 80# gloss text. It’s a common paper type and it’s ideal for wall posters. 

Don’t go thinner than that as you’re sacrificing its durability. It’s also not ideal to go heavier because it would just be a waste of money. 

Standard Colors

Standard CMYK is the most common color printing because it’s cost-effective. Don’t use PMS colors, spot coatings, and metallic inks. These enhancements will only make printing costs more expensive. 

And as much as possible, the posters must be used indoor. Indoor posters can be easily printed with standard paper types and inks. In that case, they are economical. 

However, if you need to place the posters outdoors, you will need weatherproof paper and inks, which are quite expensive. They can easily add up to the overall cost of your project. 

Another thing to consider is that the final artwork must be print-ready. Review it before sending it to the short run printing shop in Glendale. You may inquire about the kind of artwork file that you can submit. 

If there are corrections and proofs needed, they may delay the printing process. They can also affect the overall cost of the project. 

These aren’t the only ways you can do to further lower the overall cost of printing your posters. But if you follow them, you can effectively reduce the cost of printing these materials. 

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